GSMA transport study

A global study in transport: How mobile technology is enhancing the passenger experience

This 56-page white paper produced by the GSMA provides an extensive overview of the impact of mobile technology on transport systems across the globe. It evaluates the value this technology has for transport operators, mobile network operators and passengers and considers key issues relating to its implementation.

Rambus Quick Guide Token Service Provider

Quick guide: Token service provider

This 12-page white paper by Rambus clarifies the function of the token service provider within a tokenized payment system and evaluates the benefits of adopting the role.

Kona White Paper

The Evolution of Host Card Emulation and Tokenization

This 15-page white paper produced by South Korea-based smart card and mobile payment solution provider Kona International provides an introduction to NFC, host card emulation (HCE) and tokenisation as well as smart cards, contactless cards and magnetic stripe cards.

NFC Technologies and Systems

NFC Technologies and Systems

This 98-page report explains in detail the technology behind NFC and is designed for business executives seeking to understand how to take advantage of the functionality this technology offers for mobile payments, marketing, information sharing and beyond.

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