Apple Pay - What do we know?

Apple Pay — What do we know?

This six-page white paper sets out what is known about Apple Pay today on both a technical and an organizational level and aims to “provide insight and knowledge that UL has gathered, in order to best inform all stakeholders involved.”

NFC for Embedded Applications

NFC for embedded applications: Your critical link for the Internet of Things

This 20-page guide explains how manufacturers of consumer goods, wearables, smart meters, thermostats and other devices can make use of embedded NFC tag ICs to remove the need for touch displays and Bluetooth/WiFi interfaces, enhance security, simplify product design, add self-service maintenance options, deploy firmware updates, register and manage warranties, and more.

NFiC: A new, economical way to make a device NFC compliant

NFiC: A new, economical way to make a device NFC compliant

Read this white paper to find out how advances in NFC technology are making it possible to go beyond simple pairing to include a full set of NFC capabilities in any device — more cheaply, quickly and easily than has previously been possible.

Mobile Wallet Outlook, February 2013

Mobile Wallet Outlook, January/February 2013

In this 20-page edition of The Mobile Wallet Report we examine: Facebook enters the payments market — next step, a mobile wallet? NFC finds a place in the home — the rise of the technology in consumer electronics and appliances; Key moves from around the mobile wallet world; and more…

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