What's New in Payments

What’s New in Payments

This 104-page special report from the NFC World team examines the latest payments trends and technologies from around the world, with veiws from Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Barclaycard, Swatch, Frost & Sullivan, CaixaBank, ABN Amro, Nordea and more.


The ABCs of HCE

This 12-page white paper produced by SimplyTapp provides an in-depth introduction to host card emulation (HCE) and its implications for the payments industry.

The Mobile Wallet Report, 6 December 2013

The Mobile Wallet Report, 6 December 2013

Fingerprints, voice prints, palm vein patterns, face recognition and iris scans are all now being tested for verifying a consumer’s identity for payments at the point of sale and to protect access to mobile wallets, online commerce, mobile banking applications, individual apps on a device and physical locations. We take an in-depth look at the […]

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