Dejamobile's Lorcan Burke

Lorcan Burke

Lorcan Burke leads business development activities at mobile transaction services specialist Dejamobile.

Dejamobile's Houssem Assadi

Houssem Assadi

Houssem Assadi is the chairman and CEO at mobile transaction services specialist Dejamobile.

STMicroelectronics' Sylvain Fidelis

Sylvain Fidelis

Sylvain Fidelis is the head of marketing and applications for NFC tags and readers at STMicroelectronics, where he is involved in new product development, customer and application support, and standards development.

NXP's Laurent Dardé

Laurent Dardé

Laurent Dardé is the marketing director for secure mobile transactions at NXP Semiconductors. In his more than 18 years in the technology industry he has managed engineering groups in the automotive and consumer segments, with a special emphasis on multimedia, communications, and lifestyle products.

Robert Wessels

Robert Wessels

Robert is an experienced technology consultant with 15 years of experience in chip lifecycle management, ranging from identity smart card implementations for governments and enterprises to EMV chip card migration projects for banks worldwide.

Christian Lackner, NXP

Christian Lackner

Christian Lackner leads NXP’s activities focused on creating clean and green cities through facilitating efficient and safe mobility. He was appointed chairman of the MIFARE4Mobile industry group in 2013.

Sarah Clark, Editor, NFC World

Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark is the publisher of NFC World and the author of numerous research reports including the best-selling and widely respected NFC Business Models.

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